If you do not know the name of that song that has simply changed your life and do not think you live without the perfect soundtrack for those important moments that arise, definitely Soundhound was created with you in mind.

I tell you about this incredible application that has changed millions of lives since it identifies melodies regardless of what source it comes from, it can come from a radio, television, a CD and even if they are hummed by ourselves with the help of an operating system Android on your devices.

*Design: does not have a complicated interface, all the necessary options are reflected on the screen for the convenience of the users with the help of their data processor realizes the identification in real time and provide the fastest and most effective possible.

*Results: regardless of whether the song has several versions, it offers you a list of the results so that you can choose the one you like the most and you can lower the sound of the world and increase the sound of the good vibes to which you will sing at the top of your lungs of the melody lyrics that will be displayed on the screen.

*Extra information: to give the result provides a little more information about the year the song was created, biography of the singer or information of the album that we are consulting. We can also see his next concert tour, with details of them.

*History: it is totally practical to have a history, avoiding having to re-consult a song with the application we will also find here the list of songs that the application could not verify, being saved in a waiting list that we can activate as soon as we have connection to network.

The world has hundreds of melodies that await eager to be discovered by you, a good admirer of good music and with the help of this fantastic tool you have no limitations.

Soundhound detects most of the songs and even if it has difficult chords, it is not limited in results and it also offers you excellent sound and a quality of product difficult to match.

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