Not all the time we have the opportunity to store all the music we want on our device, either due to lack of memory or time to start creating a music gallery. That is why many online servers are active at all times, offering streaming music services to different platforms.

However, there are many people who do not like to always listen to the same thing and therefore prefer some application that gives them a variety of music by categories, thus allowing them to meet new artists and even genres. With SoundCloud we can find all these requirements.

With a very colorful and intuitive user interface, it offers music services only to listen to where we want with just having an internet connection, which does not necessarily have to be the fastest or have a good level of intensity.

*Thousands of songs: when we enter the application we are offered many alternatives of songs classified by genres, albums of artists, popular mixes for specific issues such as parties or studios; In addition to showing a section of the tracks or mixes recently heard if we want to resume them at another time.

*Save content: in our profile we can create playlists to which we can add independent songs of any other mix that we have heard. Create different categories in even give the opportunity to other users to listen to our favorite mixes.

*Profiles: customize your profile with information, photo and your music folders. You can choose to follow another user and they can follow you for better social communication between users of the application. As well as save content from your music folders among other options.

By having a profile in this application with an established email address you can access your account from any other device that has the application. You can even enter the web version of the same through a computer and perform the same step so that you always bring your favorite music to any device.

The application has a custom player in which we can advance, delay or pause the track that is in playback. In addition to having a kind of graphic equalizer related to the duration of the song and as a reproduction background has the cover or album cover of the song.

Not only to find specific songs of 5 or 6 minutes, as well as no mixes of all of them; but also complete mixes of more than an hour of duration which you can also save in your folders. Enjoy the large number of genres and classifications found in SoundCloud.

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