Sonic Dash
Sonic Dash

When it comes to gaming applications, those of the endless runner type are very addictive. Taking as reference the famous Temple Run, these infinite careers whose difficulty is increasing progressively are very accepted by the users.

Although there are different applications with this same theme, not all manage to hit the target with respect to their characters and setting. Therefore, this time it is the most popular racing character of all time, Sonic the hedgehog.

Under the name of Sonic Dash, this application offers us the opportunity to play with the blue hedgehog with settings based on the first edition of the game. It also has different characters found in the Sonic games and many of the elements of it. From islands to ruins, run with Sonic to sell Dr. Egg and his robots all the way.

*Theme of the game: the game as such does not have a story as it consists of making a score, try to run in different scenarios and dodge all kinds of obstacles while collecting the rings that will serve as always to not lose on impact with a enemy. The race ends when it has been lost.

*Share and get points: the goal of the game is to make a lot of points to be able to surpass other users, the points will be obtained as the level advances; also by defeating the enemies and defeating the bosses.

*Enemies: all the way you will get enemies like robots or crabs, these can make you lose all the rings you have collected so far. Every certain stretch at the end of the track you will find Dr. Egg, which you must win while dodging his attacks to receive a greater reward with respect to points.

We can also collect some items that will help in the adventure as a green shield that protects us from enemies, a magnet that attracts the rings of any way and as a special item we have a load bar that fills up every time we take rings, having the loaded bar we can activate to take a greater speed and eliminate enemies just by passing; allowing us to accumulate more points per unit of time.

At the end of each level there are some trampolines that serve to keep the amount of rings that we accumulate in the adventure, then go to the next level or fight with the boss end.

By accumulating enough rings, these will help us to buy upgrades and enhancers to get more points in the races. The power-ups can be set before starting the game and there can only be three that are:
* Enemy combo enhancer: used to make more points when hitting enemies on the road.
* Boost when jumping on the trampoline: it consists in giving you more points when jumping on the trampoline at the end of the level.
* Ring enhancer: these give us extra points to get a certain number of rings.

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