Sniper Fury
Sniper Fury

When we see a game with a sniper title, a player who points and shoots only comes to mind, but in this case it is the opposite. A very complete game that was very well received by the users.

It is about a very versatile sniper who likes the action and does not only dedicate himself to pointing his victims and shooting. It is a character that likes to enter battle and thanks to its virtues we will find different game modes within it.

When it comes to a war game there does not always have to be a good story to achieve the hook with the users, the graphic quality also influences and the gameplay that it has.

*Game modes: we will find in the game several modes like sniper, assault mode, story modes, contract mode, among other modes that allow you to get out of the routine of games whose science is only to point from one position to different enemies.

*Base: at the base we can hire different specialized mercenaries such as grenade launchers, snipers, field men, among others; We can attack after bases of different users and if we win we get a prize in the form of a safe that can bring between weapons and different items, as well as gold to improve our team.

*Very interactive: at the time of playing, at all times the user is the one who performs the attacks, moves to different areas, requests support, among other things that come out of the routine of a war game that costs to send to a squad of soldiers to attack a base or something similar.

In contract mode you receive, worth the redundancy, contracts to perform different missions and earn money to improve our equipment and weapons. In addition to constantly in the game are making events by developers to earn more money because, despite being a free game, has integrated purchases.

The sniper missions are expected, from a distant position we place ourselves with the rifle and these missions can vary between eliminating an enemy group or protecting a partner. When shots are made to the head, an effect is created in slow motion where you can see the bullet exit the barrel and hit its target.

A free game that has integrated purchase, however you can advance completely without doing any of these. It has advertising but it is very little and it is not one that covers the entire screen of the device for 30 seconds or less.

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