It is an incredible game in which you can spend a lot of time without getting bored, you must show that you are the best faced riddles against the clock; Slices is a very addictive game that comes from the hand of Good Job Games. It seems like a simple game but it is not, you will realize how crafty you must be to create strategies to achieve the objectives.

With Slices you will spend hours behind the screen of your device; It is a delicious puzzle style game which will entertain you and also challenge you since it will truly make you think, do not hesitate any longer and download this amazing game on your favorite device.

*Simple: This game is quite simple since the idea of the game is to fill the trays that have the slices of pizza to achieve the necessary points to advance level. The difficulty comes because the pizzas will appear in random directions and the idea is to place them where the empty spaces are located.

*Strategy: To win in this game you need to use logic and have a strategy because the more combos you make when filling your trays, the higher the score you will get. The best style of the "tetris" Slices will show you previously the way in which the pizza slices will be arriving.

*Graphics: Slices has a fairly minimalist game concept, its graphics are quite simple and even the small tutorial shown at the beginning is brief and simple.

*Levels: This game has different entertaining levels, which vary their difficulty very quickly as you progress; You can also play the daily challenges that the game presents you with different elements such as cookies and others that you can compile after completing the challenge.

This game you can download it on your smartphone or tablet that has an Android or iOS operating system, is completely free and best of all is that you do not need Internet to play it.

Slices is an ideal game to develop your skills and quick thinking strategies, its graphics give it a modern design with a youthful touch that makes it call the attention of its players.

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