Not all the time we want to communicate with a person through a text message or voice call, currently there are many ways to see the person live and direct when we are communicating with them either from a phone to a computer or vice versa.

This is one of the oldest applications when it comes to video calls, over time it has inserted features that other applications like Snapchat or Instagram have. Skype is a reliable platform to communicate with our loved ones and friends.

Because it is available on multiple platforms, you only need a device that supports it and of course you have a camera since the essence of Skype is the video call in real time. All this accompanied by a good internet connection.

*Better messaging: nowadays instant messaging no longer depends only on text, with Skype you can send voice notes, images, videos, documents, emoticons, emojis and you can also react to the messages of any of your contacts.

*Call to all: Skype not only offers you the opportunity to make voice calls to devices with the same application, but also to mobile phones or landlines thanks to the low rates it offers depending on your region.

*Quick capture: do not lose any moment in your life since simply by sliding you can take photos or videos, as well as personalizing them with stickers, notes and emoticons.

*Between Skype: calls between devices with the Skype application are completely free, either video calls or voice calls. The only charges applied relate to the internet connection in case of using mobile data, so a Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

This application is available on many platforms, so you will not have problems when communicating. The quality of voice and video calls will depend clearly on the resolution of the camera used and the speed of internet connection of both parties to the call.

A reliable application due to its long stay in what video calls are concerned, before applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook included this element, Skype was reigning in this world of visual communication in real time.

It is updated regularly and beyond the appearance or elements of the application, failures and performance issues are always fixed. Despite not being such a heavy application, the large amount of resources used is what can make it complicated when it is installed on a device with medium or low resources.

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