Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

Signal is the application of instant messaging and calls among others, where your security and tranquility is paramount, that is, say goodbye to the constant concern that someone checks your phone and observe things wrong for having put your device in a bad place.

With emphasis on these attributes has been difficult to ignore this tool and even has no limitation because it can be used to send and receive SMS, MMS and encrypted data messages, without any sign of limitation in the process with the help of various options that catapult the expectations of it.

*Without restriction: you can use conventional SMS or MMS to communicate with other users who do not have it installed without having to be embarrassed when sending some information.

*Design: the design of Signal is not different from other messaging programs, it gives the facility to create a contact in a known way and without any complications you just have to insert your phone number, add other people and start to communicate with the world!

*Security: it is an application oriented 100% to the privacy of the conversations, offering a quite striking option called end-to-end encryption that simply perform the action of self-destructing messages after a few seconds or as long as you want and provide a password. access so that nobody takes the device and can open conversations and even can not take screenshots.

It is clear that with this application your secrets will be safe from curious eyes! Another option is to automatically block Signal after a specific period of inactivity as well block messages with a password.

It also has the option to set limits in relation to the paragraph for greater convenience, in this application only the phone number with which you are registered and the day of last connection is registered; Neither the time nor the minute is shown, only the day, reflecting in this outstanding feature that security is very high.

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