Shazam Lite
Shazam Lite

The applications to listen to music are one of the most popular, but what happens when we can not remember the name of the song we once heard somewhere and we liked it. For all this there is a very famous application called Shazam.

In this opportunity, Shazam has developed a Lite version, which is much lighter and faster than the original version. With it you can record a part of the song whose name you do not know and Shazam Lite will automatically do its job.

* Size: this new version of the famous Shazam application is really light, since it does not occupy more than 1Mb of space in your internal storage. Representing an advantage for those people who do not have a very advanced device.

* Search: Shazam Lite works really fast, even if your connection is not the best. It will allow you to use your browser without being connected to a Wi-fi network.

* Speed: this new version does not have the options to search the lyrics of the songs, nor to search for videos, which allows it to be quite fast. This way you will not have to wait too many seconds for the program to identify the melody or rhythm of the song you want.

* Design: Shazam Lite has a fairly simple interface, which makes it very pleasing to the eye.

If it always happens that you do not remember the name of the songs, definitely Shazam Lite is the best option for you, because in just seconds the application will give you the name of these songs so you can search them on the web and download them.

This application is only available for Android devices in the Play Store, so if your device belongs to this type do not miss the opportunity to know the name of the songs that most attract your attention.

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