This is a platform which joined the United Nations World Food Program to help and collaborate in the feeding of children in underdeveloped and undernourished countries. It is a format that allows you to collaborate with monetary aid to provide food to the neediest children.

It is an application with the objective of offering humanitarian work to anyone who wants it, it is very simple to use, you just have to be willing to do and to be committed to each child you help, it fits your abilities, invites your friends to participate in order to feed every child in extreme poverty and severe malnutrition.

*Personalized: This application offers you the opportunity to establish contact and relationship with the child that you are benefiting in order to establish a connection to give help in a more compassionate and motivational way, seeing that your donations have contributed to the health of a child will fill you with satisfaction and happiness.

*Adjustable: ShareTheMeal  is adjusted according to your possibilities, even if your contribution is the minimum amount everything is valued, with the help of all we can do a great job and feed as many children as we can.

*Participatory: The program offers you the option of choosing which country you want to collaborate with and contributing to your total control and also provide a picture of the child you are benefiting to obtain updates on their health status.

It is an application with a very generous and disinterested initiative whose sole purpose is to help the most defenseless, and the benefit that you have left is the satisfaction of having fed a child with serious problems of malnutrition and poverty.

Invite your friends, acquaintances and relatives to join this great cause, your contribution is very important for us to continue helping children around the world to have a better life, with your help we can make great benefits.

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