Most people love to have their profile as professional as possible, even if they are not, always try to have the best pictures and best quality to be filled with likes, it should be noted that not all of us have the latest mobile devices that have gone to the market and that is why our profiles are common and current.

Scribbl is a tool that will help us improve our photos giving a unique touch that maybe not many people know, this App will help us to make colorful animations with movement on our photos, of course they are not WhatsApp stikers or Instagram gift .

* Personalization: There are no limits in this App because what is left over are the ideas that are inside your head and it depends on you if you use them to make your photos the only ones that exist or not.

* Variety of things to add: As said above your imagination plays a very important role here since you can do what you want from hearts, waves, crosses among many things more. 

* Use of extra materials: If you have the possibility to buy or acquire a digital pen that works with the device in which you are making your animations you can use it with peace of mind to give that touch cleaner than if you were doing it with your finger.

Once created your colorful animation is App gives you the option to save it in the qualities that it offers such as SD, HD and FHD, taking into account that this will depend on the duration of the clip (clip is the word assigned to the project and finished), this will only last from 0 to 5 seconds at most.

You can download this App if you have an Android or IOS device, downloading them in their respective stores, that is, in PlayStore and AppStore. Taking into account as a final point that is App is in its free version that offers half of all packages and the full version that offers the rest and wonderful unique packages that Scribbl account.

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