One of the most popular and fun hobbies has always been the word games, those classics from a few years ago. One of the most popular has been the board game called Scrabble where you can play 2, 3 or 4 people.

Now thanks to technology you can get Scrabble on your favorite mobile device and play with your friends from wherever you are. Receive a number of letters with letters to start this game and every time you see improving your strategy and your lexicon while having fun.

*Novelty: Scrabble is undoubtedly a novel application because it is not as simple as the board game but has features that make it even more interesting and fun as different game modes, a dictionary within the game to know if it is using a correct word, participate in several games at once, among others.

* Notifications: Scrabble notifies you when it is your turn to play in case you are doing another activity and you have forgotten. Also if you do not have much time but want to play you can enter the fast mode where you have two to five minutes to form your words.

*Synchronization: You can synchronize the application with Facebook in order to challenge your friends or you can also play with people from all over the world. What you will need is an Internet connection to play.

Scrabble is a very popular game in all parts of the world that is why it is available in all languages ​​as well as its dictionary, so nobody is going to run out of the possibility to enjoy this wonderful classic table game.

Thanks to this game you can exercise your mind and expand your lexicon while you get distracted in your free time. The graphics of this game are wonderful and has a board identical to the original. Scrabble has been designed with the highest quality to offer its users a great experience.

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