In life there are many types of people, from the lazy to people who never stop doing something, especially when someone shows you a hamburger or a piece of pizza, do not hesitate to take it and eat it, instead if you show a fruit or a healthy juice will reject it, for them it is that we must have a balanced diet in carbohydrates and proteins to lead to better mental and physical health.

 If you are one of the people who does not like to pay money for an instructor who is shouting at you in the gym, you can download your own physical and private trainer on your mobile device since Runkeeper will provide you with comfortable and dynamic exercises that you can do anywhere and moment.

* Exercises: You can choose between all the modalities that exist, be it yoga, abs, arms, legs, buttocks, back, chest between many types of areas and fields that you want to cover and Runkeeper will give you the exercises you should do.

 * Diet: In addition to the exercises offered by this App, it will give you information about the healthy meals you can eat to lose weight and be at the ideal weight that corresponds to your physical condition height. 

 * GPS: Thanks to the GPS that your device has integrated, this App will use it to mark a special route where you will run or walk, depending on the way you have placed, in addition to being able to meet with people who pass and use the same route.

On the other hand you can trace the route you want depending on how many kilometers you want to walk or run, in case you need to go through a particular street or another particular good. In addition to counting the approximate calories you burn and the time it will take to do the entire process.

 You only need an Android or IOS device that has GPS and enough storage space to make it possible to download, as well as publish or leave on your profile the goals and records you have met.

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