For more than 50 years, crossword puzzles have been the most popular and favorite activities of many people since in addition to being fun, solving this type of puzzle brings many benefits for you.

If you want to get a numerical puzzle application, Rullo is for you. The objective of this game is basically the same as the "Sudoku", placing on a board 5 x 5 numbers until obtaining that the sum of both the rows and the columns is equal to the number indicated outside the board.

*Objective: The main objective of this game is to obtain the value that is reflected outside each column and row by making a sum. For this, the matrix of rows and columns with the numbers assigned in each box must be ordered.

*Game mechanism: To fulfill the objective of the game you must use the option to deactivate the numbers when you do not believe that they allow you to reach your number. Although the dynamics of the game is quite simple since it only focuses on calculations that makes the difficulty of the game.

*Levels: When you start playing Rullo you can choose a simple 5 x 5 matrix and after you feel comfortable you can continue advancing in the game. You can choose between boards of 6 x 6, 7 x 7 and 8 x 8. Thus increasing the size and also your level of difficulty.

Once you have Rullo on your device you will be working on your concentration, patience, logic and assertiveness. Although it is a game, it is particularly educational since it helps to speed up your mental capacity.

Rullo is a game that you can get for free and that helps you have a good time getting rid of the stress of everyday life as it is a way to cleanse your thoughts and worries because it requires your concentration.

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