Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle 2
Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle 2

It seems incredible when such a simple game can represent an impressive challenge, beyond being an entertainment application it becomes an element that puts the intelligence to the test as you advance level at all times.

This is centered on Roll the Ball, consists simply of making a ball leave from one point and reach another, but between these two points are boxes with ways of passage (curves and straight) that allow free transit of this. However, these boxes are disordered and should be ordered in the best way to advance level.

With a simple user interface, you have a lot of levels to spend a good time trying to complete them all.

*Difficulty Packages: with approximately 8 difficulty packages ranging from the beginner pack to the end, each with 60 levels for a total of 180 stars; because for each level you can get up to three of these.

*Simple start: at the moment we open the application, in the initial screen of Roll the Ball we see the option to play, deactivate or activate the sound, reset the game, visit the official page and classify in the store.

*Easy to use: every time a level starts, the correct path order for the ball is incorrect, using the ingenuity slides the boxes to make the target reach its destination. After setting the correct path, the tour automatically starts.

At all levels, the maximum number of stars to obtain is 3. This amount will depend directly on the number of movements you make. In the upper part of the screen of each level, the number of movements you make, the target number of movements (which means the minimum number of movements to reach the 3 stars) and the best movement number (this is due to opportunities The objective can be reached without reaching the minimum amount required for the 3 stars.

When you complete the level, on the screen that announces how many stars you got, you have the option to return to the level menu, play that level again (if you have not reached the stars) and move on to the next level. Not all boxes can be slid, only brown ones. There are ones with a "screwed steel" motif that are fixed and you have to adapt to use it as the correct path.

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