Rise Up
Rise Up

Without a doubt, games are the best way to spend your free time. Today there are many games that although they attract attention at first, sooner or later they become predictable and boring, but that is not the case of Rise Up.

It is a super popular and fun game that is available in all electronic stores, which consists of an ascending balloon that you must protect so that it does not explode. With the help of your precision, reflex and concentration you will reach the highest level.

* Simplicity: this game has a fairly simple design or interface, pastel colors that change as you advance in level. Its simplicity makes it very pleasing to the eye and easy to understand.

* Concentration: this is one of the many skills that Rise Up puts to the test, since you must observe very carefully the screen of your device in order to protect the globe from obstacles.

* Accuracy: being a game that develops on the touch screen of a mobile device, it demands a lot of precision so as not to make mistakes when playing.

* Game modes: Rise Up presents users with two game options. The first one is the Infinite mode, in which the game seems to have no limit or end, that is, the players keep advancing level continuously. On the other hand, the Challenge mode is presented, which consists of small challenges with stipulated time, which can be done by users in order to get points quickly.

Rise Up has become one of the most downloaded games from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, for obvious reasons. This game is very ingenious and tests all your skills.

If fun in your free time is what you need, Rise Up will be your best choice, playing in Challenge mode you can compete against your friends and family to see who achieves the objectives in the shortest possible time.

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