There are many times when you are reading any interesting article, watching a video with valuable information, a tweet of interest; that you would like to be able to save with a reminder to see it later either for lack of time or to see it again.

When you leave the application where you were looking at that article of interest to open your notebook, you may return or lose the page where you were, update or simply the signal is slower and more annoying. That is why to create notes from any application on your phone the solution is Reminder; the application that allows you to create reminders quickly and conveniently.

* Create reminders: With a simple gesture you can create a reminder which will jump to the time marked next to the item to review in any application you are using on your smartphone.

* How to make a reminder: Through Reminder you can create reminders from any application, for this you only have to press the share button in the application where you are and then choose the "Reminder" option, then you will see a message where will ask you when you want to receive the reminder.

* Interface: Through the interface of this useful application you can see all those reminders that you left pending, you can also modify them, change the time and date or even add an additional note.

Without a doubt, Reminder is a very useful and simple application, it has a fairly simple interface in which you can save your reminders in a way easier than any other application. Never again will you forget the information that you have pending to review or that you need to browse once more.

This application is completely free and is currently increasing its popularity; There are already many people who have downloaded this application and rated it positively. Do not hesitate to download Reminde the application in which you can create reminders daily.

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