Long before there were social networks like YouTube, they used personal blogs to share content with other people in cyber space, and before blogs were forums where people from all over the world connected to discuss certain topics of interest.

There are very few forums that are still valid and this is the case of Reddit, a website that allows users to publish content and share links to external websites that might be of interest to other users.

*Thematic sections: in reddit there are several sections called "Subreddits", which vary according to the content.

*Surveys: in reddit users have the possibility to publish surveys in which other users can participate in order to get answers and make your forum much more popular.

*Does not demand information from everyday life: Reddit is a place to relate through the intellect, so that appearances and vanities are completely side by side when focusing on really important issues that test the brightest minds.

*Ask me anything: this is one of the most popular sections found within the application, and consists of asking questions of any kind to which you are participating.

*Theme: if research is what you want, Reddit is the perfect place for you, since you will find information on anything that interests you: from philosophy, science, languages and codes, to gastronomy and art.

Since its launch, Reddit managed to capture the attention of millions of users around the world, from being a simple forum to a community, where everyone has the opportunity to present their points of view on topics that interest them.

Because it is a very varied website in terms of content, it becomes completely interactive and pleasing to the eye, as not everything is always written, but some users prefer to communicate through images.

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