For all lovers of reading magazines and newspapers, we bring you an application that has revolutionized the world of printing. It is the mobile version of more than 300 thousand magazines from around the world, all contained in one place.

This is Readly, a free application in which you can read all your favorite magazines without killing any trees in the attempt. With a minimalist style and very pleasing to the eye, Readly seeks to make the experience of reading magazines something totally out of series.

* Magazines: in Readly you will find more than 300 thousand magazines in all languages ​​and from all over the world. Using a high quality interface, they will show you the images that you enjoy so much in the best quality. Definitely has nothing to envy physical magazines.

* Rotation of pages: As we know that one of the favorite things of readers is to move from one page to another, in Readly they can do the same to achieve an experience identical to that of reading a physical magazine. With just rotate the screen of your cell phone, the articles will appear on two pages, which you can pass in the traditional way.

* Design: this application is very beautiful and has a minimalist style that makes it really nice and very relaxing. In addition, it has different tools that allow you to search for specific articles without having to search in each of the magazines what you need.

Once again technology has made its own and has taken a real-world, digital experience, giving us the opportunity to obtain information easily and safely. You can not lose this opportunity.

However, it is important to mention that to have access to all journals for more than 14 continuous days you must pay a subscription at a reasonable price. Share the information with everyone you know so that they can live this experience together.

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