All at some time we have a problem with the storage memory of the phone and always try to clean applications or files that we no longer use as photos, videos or music. However, this solution does not work in its entirety generally.

Occasionally there are files that we can not eliminate, either because we are going to use it in some important matter or we simply store it in the phone and from there it must leave since we could need it at some moment of immediate disposition, it is when the RAR application enters in action.

These RAR files are very popular as they are an icon in regards to PC files, the action of compressing a file of its original weight to a smaller one and saving it in a file with ".rar" format which is portable and when unzipping nothing is lost from the original file or files.

*Ultra light: regardless of the operating system, its weight does not exceed 4 Mb and therefore its download is fast. It does not imply a load for the system since it only executes when it is opened or dealt directly with a rar file.

*Easy to use: it has a user interface that shows all the phone's folders. We can compress from files directly or folder full of files.

*Compression options: when compressing a file or folder, we can select the file format between RAR, ZIP and RAR 4.x; as well as the option to delete the file after compressing to not have the normal file as well as the compress.

*Privacy: we can select the name of the new compress file that will be produced and we also have the option of placing a password at the time it is opened or will be decompressed.

When decompressing we must select the second option of the main screen, we will see several options in which we must select only two if we only want to unzip, these are "Ask before overwriting" and "Show extracted files".

We can also extract the files in a sub folder, this means that the elements are not only extracted in the location of the rar file but they are all contained in a folder with the name of that compress file. In case of having a password, this will be required when trying to unzip the files that are inside the .RAR.

Add compressed files from your computer and work them in the same way you would treat a newly compressed file from the application. The supported formats are .rar; .zip and .rar4.x.

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