When surfing the Internet, we all use our favorite search engine, but the truth is that no matter how popular Google, Mozilla or even Internet Explorer are, they often do not completely satisfy our needs. That is why Qwant emerged.

It is a new search engine that unlike other browsers, does not filter content, does not monitor its users and the best part is that it has an application adapted to mobile devices.

*Privacy: Qwant is the search engine that best protects the privacy of its users by not carrying out any tracking.

*No traces: when using this application the IP address of the users is not registered so it can not be associated with any search. In this way, it prohibits the use of any advertising tracker.

*HTTPS protocol: Qwant only works with the HTTPS protocol, which is a great advantage in case someone gets to intercept the communication, since it would not be able to read or obtain any information because the data are encrypted to point.

*Personalization: each user who accesses the site must indicate their country of origin, and in this way Qwant will show the translated search results in the language of that country. It is important to mention that this is a search engine created and established in France so it was necessary to include this useful option.

The aspect that has attracted the most attention among its users is that Qwant was designed in order to minimize the actions of the user in terms of clicks, in this way without the need to write very detailed or to make many clicks, Qwant will find what You're looking.

Likewise, this excellent application has positioned itself really well due to its interface, since it has a simple, interactive and friendly design that allows users to interact more easily and find many more results quickly and safely.

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