QQ Messenger is an instant messaging application that offers variety of entertainment to users. It allows you to play online, make purchases, download music, watch movies and even have voice chats.

It is not at all surprising that it is one of the most downloaded Chinese apps, because the amount of available tools make it one of the most complete and functional instant messaging.

* Premium Memberships: QQ offers additional services to users who possess this type of membership. These services consist of: ring tones and sending sms.

* Membership Levels: within this application users have the possibility to opt for different levels of membership, which give them access to certain benefits, among which we can mention: changes in colors and appearance, blog service, games, QQpet, QQmusic, remove advertising, special emojis, and many other things.

* Exclusive Chats: even though its creators launched the international version, in QQ Messenger you can only have chats with people who have also downloaded the application.

* Design: this application has a creative design, striking and easy to use, so it does not take much time to learn how to use it in its entirety.

* Free: QQ Messenger is available in electronic stores and the only thing you need to download is to be connected to the internet, because it does not generate any kind of additional expense.

QQ Messenger is currently the most used instant messenger in China, and it has been so successful that it has expanded to the rest of the countries in its international version so that users from any part of the world can be part of the QQ community.

One of the features that make this application one of the most complete is its diversity of tools, which allows users to carry out all kinds of activities without leaving the application.

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