Most people use a lot of what the computer is to perform various types of tasks, whether from using the browser, making a document in Word, sending an email among many other things, but, there is always a distractor agent which It's the phone, since we'll see it whenever a message or notification arrives.

 PushBullet will help you not to waste your time unlocking and using your mobile device since with this App you will be able to see all the notifications and messages that arrive to your phone, and in an easy and simple way you will be able to answer and send new messages, all from the computer and without wasting time watching the phone.

* Time saving: Thanks to this App you will not waste time watching your phone and you will not lose the concentration of what you are doing on your computer.

 * Easy Use: In addition to being an App that will save you a lot of time, it is really easy to configure it since you only need to download it on your device and on your computer, by going to the main menu you can choose the apps you want to receive notifications, and WhatsApp, messages, etc. 

 * Configuration: It has a section of options which you can customize from the PC or from your device, giving you the access to receive notifications and make sounds on the computer screen, so that it indicates when a message arrived.

On the other hand we can say that thanks to this App we will not lose hours and hours on social networks, because just by seeing the phone and entering a social network such as Instagram, we can lose up to 1 and 2 hours of work by being reviewed other people's publications.

 You only need an Android or IOS device that has enough storage space available to download this app and be able to see and review the notifications of your mobile device on your computer.

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