Purple Diver
Purple Diver

This is one of the typical games that never have an end, that is, you just have to make your highest score to show off with the other people in your environment, your character as the name says, is purple and you have to convert in an expert in diving, since as you level up the pool will get smaller.

 If you think that there are no difficult games, let me tell you that Purple Diver is one of them and that will get you crazy by not being able to do the immersion to the water perfectly and thus be able to go down to the depths of the pool, taking into account that the more let's lower more points they will give us.

* Control: You must have a perfect control of your character since without you nailing it against the floor that is around the pool and therefore you will lose and without doing the highest score you could have done.

 * Voodoo: The name of the developer already gives us a view that all his games never have a definitive ending or a story to travel, not quite the opposite, this developer has a particularity which is that you play and play until you make your record is insurmountable. 

 * Weight: Not having so many requirements for download, has a common weight, like most games in all stores, this being 41mb that you must have available on your device to download.

On the other hand if you make mistakes in the air at the time of doing the dive will not give you as many points as if you had done perfectly, that's why you'll have plenty of opportunities to improve your diving and be the king of the dives in Purple Diver.

 In addition to the smaller pool, you will have a lifeguard in which if you do the dive through the water, you will get many more points to give a touch of risk and precision when doing the dive.

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