Pudding Monster
Pudding Monster

This puzzle-filled game was developed by nothing more and nothing less than Zeptolab. Pudding Monster is an amazing game that is full of fun, in which you must help some gelatinous little monsters escape from the fridge to go to the city in search of a lost friend.

If you want to help these little monsters that will take over your screen you must try to unite them until they become a huge monster, this fun game is the favorite of many no matter how old they are, it is ideal for both children and adults.

* Levels: Pudding Monsters is a game that surprises you when it comes to unlocking your levels since you must first try to get the three stars to get enough coins to unlock the higher levels. The key to get these stars is to know the function that different monsters have to know how to mobilize them.

* Monsters: The main monsters are the red ones, each of them must join the others without leaving the screen of the game and the green ones leave a sticky slime when moving which is an advantage since you can move the red ones after these without flying off the board.

* Design: As soon as you download this game you will notice that its design is quite friendly, full of images where all the elements are full of color and with enough details; Some monsters are noted for wearing hats, mustaches, even pajamas.

This application can be obtained for free on your favorite mobile devices that have an Android or iOS operating system, some of the elements that are in the game as improvements can be paid with real money.

This game is really fun, you will laugh with the language of these adorable monsters you should not miss the opportunity to have it on the screen of your phone, save the little monsters and be a winner in this great game.

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