We all have hidden secrets, stories to tell, gossip to say, shameful anecdotes to share and sometimes we have no one to tell, for them this social network comes to help you to vent all this, how ?, You can publish it anonymously.

 Besides writing anecdotes anonymously, you can also read stories and gossip that other people publish, you can comment and give your opinion about it, if that person asks for help or the opinion of the public, who does not even know who he is because you never put your name real.

* easy access: it should be noted that as you do not register any of your personal data this makes it easier to access this social network and start writing . 

 * Categories of Encouragement: It has a variety of moods to which you must select one of how you feel at that moment, be it happiness, Anger, deception, frustration, sad among others. 

 * Variety of Content: You can find a variety of content depending on the mood of the users, which will be hundreds of comments and people identical to you who may feel the same as you.

Prophoundly may be an exhaust path for teens, since they have many thoughts and not many have someone to tell you and therefore download this social network to somehow disable and without taking into account the amount of adults who also download it.

 Finally, Prophundly offers the option of sharing and save the stories and anecdotes you like in your profile, so that when you want to read again, you go to your profile and read, you just need to have an Android device or iOS with at least 8MB of space available for you to apply at your device perfectly and without any problems.

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