Pou is an application of a video game similar to "Tamagotchi", a virtual pet that was developed by Paul Salameh. The launch of this game was for BlackBerry, Android, IOS and is translated into more than 15 languages.

This game is that you must reach a high level and this is achieved by taking care of your virtual pet shaped like a triangular potato called Pou, you must feed it, play with it and give it the attention it deserves as if it were a real pet.

* Gameplay: The basic gameplay of Pou is about growing your pet, reach level 10 and overcome it much further. To feed Pou you must buy food which is very varied, from fruits to sushi.

* Structure: Pou lives in a house where he has different spaces: a kitchen, a bathroom, game room, laboratory, bedroom, patio and living room; which you can customize and decorate to your liking, for them you must go earning coins and unlocking levels to obtain improvements.

* Minigames: In addition to taking care of Pou as a pet, it brings a series of mini-games which some can play with other Pou through an Internet connection or Bluetooth. Among the mini games of Pou are the sudoku, soccer, basketball, jumps in the pool, among others that the more you go playing you unlock new challenges, increasing level and also earning coins to buy accessories or potions to your Pou.

This game became one of the most trend for Android with an amount of more than 500 million downloads, users say that you do not have to have a pet in reality if you already have your Pou that needs the same attention.

With your Pou you can visit your other friends Pou being connected to the Internet, making it a novel interface and great pleasure for the population of children, teenagers and even adults.

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