Watching series and movies from the comfort of your home has become one of the best ways to spend time, that is why today there are many websites and ways to watch your favorite movies and series without having to leave home.

However, there is an app that offers a resolution never before seen, its name is Popcorn and it is an application for mobile devices that offers you a wide catalog of series and movies recorded in full resolution, but the best part is that It does not contain annoying ads.

*Free: Popcorn unlike other applications is that it is completely free, so users do not need to pay for the service.

*Public: this application has a particularity, and that is that the series and movies are uploaded to the network by the same users of the community.

*Wide catalog: because users have the possibility to upload their favorite series and movies to the portal, Popcorn has a wide variety of options in its catalog.

*Interface: this application has a fairly simple interface that allows users to quickly get the series or movie they want.

If you are a movie lover this is without a doubt the application that suits you best, since having such a wide and varied catalog it would be very unlikely that you will not find even the strangest movie.

One of the features that most like among its users is that it is a totally free application, in addition to having a really good image quality; unlike other popular applications, such as Netflix, which despite having very good quality, it is necessary to pay for the service.

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