Plants vs Zombies
Plants vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies or Plants against Zombies is a game in the style of "Tower defense", was developed and published by the team of PopCap Games on May 5, 2009. We can find it for Microsoft Windows, IPad, IPhone, Android; among others.

The objective of the game is to prevent a horde of zombies from entering our garden to devour the brains of the residents and for that, the different plants must be placed in strategic places to attack and stop the enemy.

* Levels: The game consists of different levels which are divided into: Day, night, Pool, Fog and finally the roof; all with 1 - 10 sublevels. Each of these levels increases the difficulty and new plants with better powers are also unblocked.

* Game modes: The main mode to play it is the "Adventure" mode, this is the only one that is available at the beginning. The story is developed progressively, different zombies and plants are shown while progressing in the levels of the game. Depending on the progress you have, you will be unlocking extra modes and other options. In addition to this the game also presents some mini-games and puzzles.

* Versions of the game: PopCap Games developed different versions of the game so that no one would miss this experience. They adapted the game so that it could be made operational by the Android, IOS and Nokia systems.
There are also versions for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo DS / DSiWare, PlayStation N / PS3 / PS Vita, Bada the operating system of the Samsung Wave and Wave II, Java and GotY for Steam.

This game has been one of the largest and most important franchises in the history of tower defense games that in recent years has infiltrated becoming part of the Popular culture.

There is no person with a Smartphone or a console that has not heard or played Plants vs Zombies. It is a game with a fairly accessible system and capable of generating addiction.

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