Plant Nanny
Plant Nanny

The water, this colorless and insipid drink is fundamental to our health, since 80% of our body is composed of water, and the water is formed by two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom, which is of great importance to drink water to keep our body hydrated and healthy.

This app will help us remember the times we must take water, since most of people are forgotten, either by work, which spends a lot of time busy, constantly calling by telephone among many other things, here you can raise a small plant that when you can make a glass of water.

* Health: This app will help you improve your health rotently, since people forget to take water, being this a fundamental drink for the human body.

 * Interface: It has a very simple interface in which you will have a plant on your screen when you send me a notification of Échale water to grow, it is the exact moment in which you must drink a glass of water.

* Mattan control: You will make you a check next weekly and daily, in which you will show you if you have met the 8 glasses of water that are recommended or if you only drank 3 or 4.

On the other hand, you will be able to choose between many varieties of plants to take care and water when necessary, in addition to having the availability of changing the bowl in which you are, placing it unique and uniquely designs that no other person will have.

 You only need an Android device or iOS that has enough storage space available to download this great app that will help you drink more water than usual, placing your body with a stable water level.

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