Plague Inc
Plague Inc

Nowadays most of the games are really boring, or they just try to save the world with good without anything stopping them, or another point against such as the internet connection, the vast majority of games need preparation to Internet either because of its updates or because it is played online and not offline.

 Plague Inc. comes to end all this by giving a drastic change to the game since the main objective of this will be the spread of a deadly virus that immediately ends humanity, that is, end the entire planet and leave it to the kingdom of the virus created and modified by you.

* Strategy: Like all strategy games you must make the moves well to get the victory, in this case you must improve and modify the DNA of the virus so that it is unstoppable against the remedies and is deadly.

 * Interface: This great strategy game, only brings the main screen, just start the application, where you will place the name of your virus and pressing the play button will start the spread of your virus in order to infect the entire world in the as little time as possible 

 * Map: The game board is the world map where you will have a section of improvements at your side, where thanks to the amount of people that you infect you will be given points to make this virus an unstoppable virus causing it to be transmitted through the air , for mosquitoes among many more.

In the improvements section you will find many branches to which you should improve as the game goes on, you can make your virus immune to water, immune to home and pharmaceutical remedies, which cause stomach aches or muscle aches even up to head first, having a wide variety of symptoms to choose from.

 To be able to end all of humanity and have a pleasant time for hours trying to create a deadly virus, you only need an Android or IOS device that has enough storage space available to download it from PlayStore and AppStore and thus end the world and that your virus triumph

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