We all know that nobody likes to wait or be without doing anything, some initiate a chat with the person in front of others only check their social networks or even do nothing. But PixNite comes to get you out of that bad time we all hate . 

 PixNite is a puzzle game in which you will be painting according to a series of numbers of a canvas previously established by the game, which is fashionable as it is Fortnite, this game is very particular since you can not only paint fruits or landscapes but your skins and favorite objects of Fortnite. 

* Variety of Drawings: It has many types of drawings to which you can paint . 

 * Size: This is one of the best puzzle games since having a weight of 3.42MB you will not have the need to delete important files from your phone . 

 * Game modes: Apart from painting the drawings you choose from the drawing gallery, you also have the ability to play with your friends online "Battle Royale mode" where you can compete against your friends to see what is the best painting. 

In addition to knowing that this game does not weigh much, it makes easier the accessibility of downloading to the users, since they will be investing downloading a game that will take them out of boredom and without spending so much on their data plan. Of course for fans of Fortnite this wonderful app will be the ideal one for them since they will be able to place them up to the bottom of the screen if they like , 

 You only need an Android or IOS device not necessarily high range since a low range can run it with tranquility since you only need to have free approximately 3Mb to 4Mb to download it and you can find it in the respective virtual stores totally free. 

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