A very interactive social network where you can follow people and they follow you. The content found on Pinterest is very huge and at the same time you can save it to have it archived. Collect this content in the form of images and videos, create personal boards where you divide them by categories and access them through an internet connection.

Because it is totally online, this content will not occupy physical memory on your device; You can also add your own content, that is, photos or videos that you have captured with your phone.

This content is called "pin" and you can comment, approve or save them on your personal boards. The pins contain information about the web page from which the image was taken, very useful when you want to know more about the information seen on the pin.

Make yourself known with your tastes, add your own photos and videos with long descriptions and also add links to go to the page where you got the content, either personal or otherwise.

*Easy to learn to use: when creating your account there is a kind of tutorial that guides you about the use of the application. In addition, the search manager offers many suggestions and the more you search the more, the related content comes out.

*Manage pins: when you go to see a pin there are several options, such as approving, saving on a board, reporting and downloading the image to the memory of your device. When you download the image, they are saved in a folder called "Pines" in the phone gallery.

*Notifications: in the notifications section notices vary, you can know when someone has followed you, commented on your pin, saved on another board, if they follow any of your boards, among others. In addition there are always notices of suggestions of pins related to those stored in your boards and if someone you keep has saved new content. In this section you can also access messages, a chat room with other Pinterest users.

When you are on the main screen, there is a circle in the image of a suggested pin. When you activate this function, the circle begins to turn and immediately afterwards it places you more images related to the pin you have activated. You can continue with this action with the other images.

When you go to see a pin, below are more suggestions related to the theme of the main pin. In the search manager you can receive written suggestions and you can add tags that serve as filters for it. Besides that apart from finding pins by individual you can also get boards related to the search.

In the "Tested" section of your profile you can add photos to the pins you have tried and save them for others to see. For example, you can upload the photo of a recipe you saw on a pin and give your experimental criticism.

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