Pigeon Pop
Pigeon Pop

If you are looking for a game that is different but at the same time simple and fun, you have come to the right place. Pigeon Pop is a game that we recommend for being so easy to play and for its ease to give you many hours of fun through your mobile device.

This game is characterized by its charming characters and music; These details are the ones that catch you right away. The music of Pigeon Pop does not stop for any moment, even if you lose your life the character will appear dancing with a lot of rhythm.

*Objective: The main objective of the game is to get your character to eat all the fruits and cereals that he can without eating the bad ones. If you eat of these you lose and you will not be able to complete the level that you were playing.

*Characters: The main character of the game is a pretty funny and happy pigeon and you can unlock up to 10 funny birds as you advance and get the highest scores. Each bird has a different characteristic.

*Controls: For your bird to perform its functions you must control it in a fairly simple way, just by pressing the screen you will make your bird point and get what is on it.

Get this funny game for free and we guarantee fun-filled afternoons. Undoubtedly Pigeon Pop is an ideal game for those days that you are bored because you have a lot of free time. You will not regret having it on your smartphone.

Invite your best friends to compete for the best position in the scoreboard without forgetting the fun. The graphics of this game will impact you because it has a pretty good resolution. Pigeon Pop is a totally addictive game and full of emotion.

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