Piano Tiles 2
Piano Tiles 2

When we try to entertain ourselves with the phone or the tablet we always look for the favorite application at the beginning, but this title can only be given to one that represents a challenge and has a wide playing field where at all times you should be careful in the line of action.

On the other hand, that an application considered a "game" insert the musical side is a good alternative for both young and adult public. This is when Piano Tiles 2 comes into play as it consists of the intersection of musical notes at a step that varies depending on the music where you should always hit with pressing the notes on time.

With the possibility of acquiring many songs with different types of difficulty, there are several styles that range from classic songs to ones that you have probably not heard. All with the melody of a piano, implement the skill of your hands to face one of the best applications involving music.

*Compete with your friends: you have the opportunity to connect the application with Facebook to make your profile official, then based on your level and as many crowns as stars you will be in a position in the ranking of your social circle.

*Final difficulty level: although some songs may start slower than others, the speed is always increasing and even the easiest song to play can become difficult after a while.

*Many attempts: when you start playing you have 30 lives, these are regenerated every so often or you can also acquire them in the middle of a tune by opening a surprise box among the musical notes.

*Buy songs: the monetary system of the game gives coins and diamonds, with these you can buy new songs that will serve to add more experience based on the music that the game brings.

The leaderboard when you connect your profile with Facebook, shows you the contacts who also use the application even if they already have time without playing. What really classifies the players is the amount of stars and crowns they have. These are acquired in a song by certain order, first of 1 to 3 stars and then passes from 1 to 3 crowns; Of course, as it progresses, the song becomes more difficult.

In a song you can lose in two ways: by passing a note or by touching the wrong box. When this happens, you have the option to continue paying a certain amount of diamonds but this option only occurs once. In totally random opportunities, they offer you the option to continue with the song for free.

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