We have all had problems with numbers at some time, either because we do not understand the class or because they simply are not our thing. That is why technology has been an ally for all those students who need to improve their grades.

This is the reason why we present you PhotoMath, a fabulous application that allows you to scan your problems or mathematical equations, solves them and throws the result followed by an explanation of the procedure step by step.

* Scanning camera: first it is important that we start with the scanner, because it is thanks to this that the application has the ability to decipher the mathematical exercises. In this way, the user must make use of the rear camera of his mobile device, point to the exercise and the program automatically makes the scan to proceed to solve it.

* Size: it is also important to mention that PhotoMath is a fairly light application, so it will not be a problem to download it in devices with little storage capacity.

* Interface: PhotoMath has a fairly simple design, which makes it very pleasing to the eye and allows you to focus on what really matters, the exercise.

* Step-by-step answers: if you thought that PhotoMath would only give you the answers to your task, you are wrong, because this application is so complete that it will show you the step-by-step explanation of the procedure by which this result is reached.

You do not have to worry about not having understood anything in class, because with PhotoMath you can prepare for your exams and get the best grade. Whether they are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, exponents, roots, among others.

This application has achieved an excellent reputation among users, achieving up to 5 stars in the App Store and Play Store. In this article we show you the direct links for download.

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