PhotoDirector is an application to improve your photos and selfies turning them into real works of art since it has multiple tools that will help you to beautify your images, as well as increasing the quality so that you can obtain professional photos from your smartphone.

This platform makes the difference as you can not only touch up your photos, you can also choose to take the photo directly from the application with the filters and settings you want to have a perfect photo on the first try, photodirector offers several options that improve the camera of your phone as if it were a professional camera.

*Creative: Thanks to the wide variety of tools, options and filters with which photodirector counts allows you to be artistic with your photos so you can make an edition that suits your style, with totally professional results.

*Specialized: Photodirector is an application specifically designed for those people who want to achieve a high resolution image, that is why within photodirector capture and editing instruments is to alternate with the configurations of light, colors, expositions, between many others that guarantee you get satisfactory results that the cameras of mobile devices can not get.

*High quality: It is a simple platform that allows you to make a professional edition easily without sacrificing the quality of them since one of the advantages of this application is that you can configure the white balance of your photos and adjust the RGB color channels. You can also adjust the exposure tones to improve a photo that was very dark or very bright; as well as modifying the saturation of the colors to have more vivid and bright images, in just seconds you can improve your damaged photographs to be perfect.

Download Photodirector and start editing your photos as an expert from your smartphone you can download it for free, it is also available to your Android device or IOS.

Get high quality photos or edit images adapted to your style with a friendly and easy to use application.

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