Pako 2
Pako 2

Driving games are the favorites of many, especially those in which the perspective is general. Many prefer these games because the player has a broader view of the big chases in addition to the user can enjoy moving on the map with complete freedom.

Pako 2 is a game similar to the aforementioned but with the difference that this time in your narrative you will be the driver of a vehicle whose mission is to pick up a group of criminals and run away from the police as long as you can .

*Game mechanics: In this game your duty is to rescue your group of criminals to escape from the police, the more you manage to advance more points you get and the greater the rewards. As if that were not enough, you can also confront the police by shooting them or even destroying their vehicle by calling the helicopter.

*Improvements: You can customize your car with the improvements you want either in its appearance or to have more turbo and thus move faster to escape more easily. The armor makes you more resistant and with the weapons you can defend yourself against the police.

*Rewards: In order to include improvements in your vehicle you need a few rewards in dollars, this is why you need to win in the game to collect money to unlock cars, maps and a wide range of special moves.

Pako 2 is a game that gives you an arsenal of weapons and vehicles so you can have fun for a long time. The way to control this video game is quite simple, we will always be accelerating so you only need to move pressing the screen to the left or to the right to turn.

When you start you will only have two cars available but as you progress through the game you will be able to unlock up to 26 cars to enjoy. Play this entertaining video game and compete with all your friends to see who is in the leaderboard.

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