If you are a person that you are constantly making presentations, exhibitions or other activities in which you need to have a space to place information, then Padlet is the ideal app for you. 

Padlet is a very effective tool that can store content in a wall that can be customized by yourself, being able to share or upload multimedia content, photos, videos, text boxes and audios, in order to facilitate the understanding of the person who is reading it or observing.

* Personalization: It has a very particular design where only your imagination and creativity works since you must start from scratch your digital wall full of the information that you provide. 

 * Copyright: It is clear that each wall is made by its creator and each of them has its copyright which does not allow people to copy their wall and use it elsewhere, there are exceptions that some walls do not have rights of author and you can use it as a guide. 

 * Variety of things to do: in Padlet you can create your own ads, virtual libraries, didactic corners, presentations among others.

It should be noted that Padlet is an excellent option to choose at an educational level since it serves both teachers to give and explain their classes and students for some other presentation or assigned research work. Thus giving you a positive point to download this app if you are a student or teacher. 

 On the other hand if you are not a student or teacher and just want to upload content of life and health or any other type of content, you are free to do so because what shines in this app is your imagination of how to do it and make it attractive for the public, being able to share your links so that all your friends visit your digital wall.

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