It is becoming easier to enter the world of Fitness with the different applications that exist to control your daily activity. If you are prepared to burn calories, lose weight and start a daily exercise routine you should get the right application to help you do it for that, Pacer is.

This is an application that will help you to record the activity you perform daily and the amount of calories you are burning as it has a step counter and a weight loss tracker. With this application you will have a support in the exhaustive work of weight loss.

* Functionality: Pacer will record the number of daily steps you take and the calories you are burning in the process, this application works correctly whether you carry your mobile device in your purse, pocket or hand and even compatible with the Fitbit and MyFitnessPal devices.

* Pedometer: The Pacer pedometer is the one that counts the number of steps you take, whether walking or jogging and even speed. With your pedometer you can set a personal goal either daily, weekly or monthly; everything will depend on the number of steps you set as the main goal.

* Calorie Counter: This is located at the top of your screen, you can count both calories and active time and Kilometers. You can also record the cardiovascular exercise you perform using GPS and record your weight to track what you are downloading.

Pacer has many benefits, one of them is that with this application you will have the possibility of creating special events and groups which will help you in your goal of burning calories with your friends or family working together.

When you download Pacer your task of losing weight and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will become easier, you can get this application on your smartphone and use it wherever you want. A very useful application for your daily life.

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