Overkill 3
Overkill 3

Nothing more eye-catching than a 3D game whose graphics involve elements such as people, obstacles and weapons with their corresponding detonation effects; that's why shooter-type games are so popular and certainly deserved.

Many people do not like games where the camera is fixed and only the gun looks but when it comes to Overkill 3 everything is different. This game despite having the same science of a fixed position to attack, gives us the position of third person in the game.

Conduct your combat from a considerable position where you can cover yourself without having the uncomfortable feeling of just aiming with a peephole of a weapon, a war that brings many enemies and many options to fight.

*Interactive start: when you start the game, in the main screen we see a store where we can buy different weapons and be unlocked little by little. In the upper right corner appears the amount of money and set aside the medals which is another form of money in the game.

*Map of missions: when we press on the "Play" option, a huge map appears with all the available missions. The fact that there are blocked missions depends on the level and number of stars that you have accumulated up to the moment.

*Immediate preparation: before starting a mission we have a section with our avatar and all the equipment available for that mission. With options to carry between primary weapon, extra weapon, secondary weapon and 4 items in which you can carry grenades, armor, life kits, among others.

The sound quality of the application is very good apart from the fact that each effect is very detailed, so it is recommended that if you want to enjoy the playing experience better, Overkill 3 use headphones. At the beginning of the mission we can see our player run and position himself behind an obstacle so he can cover and shoot with comfort.

While we are covered we can use the sight to fix the objective and when pressing the firing button our player leaves his deck and executes the shots towards the fixed objective. As in the middle of the game you can use a kit to improve your level of life, the armoring item can be used in the same way: when the armor bar has reached its null point, use the armor kit to increase it.

When eliminating all the enemies of a position, the player automatically advances in a race towards another and begins the combat again until the mission history is finished.

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