If you are a lover of reading then be sure that this application is ideal for you, if you are constantly in need of searching for science or subject books or if it is specific that you have been sent to read, you can find it in Overdrive since with it you can borrow books.

 After you create the account in OverDrive you will have to add the institutions and libraries that are close to where you live or your community, since nowadays more libraries are using OverDrive to upload their book electronically and leave the physicists behind and go to the same step of technology.

* Time: You will save too much time with this application since you will not have to bother to dress and accommodate only to go to pick up a book . 

 * Great Variety of Books: These will depend on how many institutions you add to your library and how many you register near your community, so you can have great breadth when looking for any book or encyclopedia that you need to look for. 

 * Varied Format: It has two types of books that can be downloaded, which are audio books and common reading books in which their videos will be in Streaming (direct).

Note that it also has the ability to change the style of the application, that is, you can change the subject from dark to clear, also has the possibility of downloading content for children and children, apart from being available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week so you can enjoy your favorite books without leaving your home.

 You only need an Android or iOS device that has enough storage space to make it possible to download them from the respective stores to your mobile device or tablet, which are PlayStore and AppStore.

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