Traffic or theft of information on the web is a really serious problem today, because our mobile devices, despite being personal, are always exposed to all types of viruses, hackers and computer crimes that can be done.

That's why Orbot was created, an information encryption application that virtually erases any trace of your personal information to hackers, making it virtually impossible to track. If you are interested in knowing a little more about how to protect your accounts from cybercrime, keep reading this publication.

* Free: this useful application is totally free and is only available for Android devices in the Play Store.

* Tor: what makes this application unique is the use of the Tor system, one of the most popular and respected systems in terms of information protection. Tor is used by Multinationals in order to protect the information of its clients.

* Guaranteed privacy: with Orbot you will no longer have to worry about any computer crime or scam, because with just one download, your device is protected from end to end.

* Interface: this is a fairly simple application, which has a very subtle design so that users of all ages can handle it correctly.

Definitely this is one of the most useful applications that exist, because we are all exposed every day to a website that we do not know. All our information is always within reach of any malicious person. Download Orbot and take a break.

The best part of Orbot is that it not only encrypts your personal information, but also any search or action that you make from your Android device, that is why you will be practically impossible to track.

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