Opera mini
Opera mini

Opera is one of the most used search engines around the world, due to all the tools it offers, millions of users prefer it over other search engines. His demand has been so great, that Opera mini was created.

Opera mini is the application that was designed for mobile devices, which seeks to offer the same functions of traditional Opera, adding other tools that make the experience, something unique using very little data.

* Less space: the application that has been designed occupies very little storage space without reducing the efficiency of its functions, making it a really useful option when optimizing the search process.

* Speed: without a doubt the most striking feature of Opera mini is its speed, because with its download, you can search very quickly and using the minimum data. If this happens like this, imagine how fast you will navigate connected to Wifi.

* Incognito mode: regardless of whether the application is downloaded to your mobile device, you can search in incognito mode without leaving any traces. Which is very useful, because many times we want to avoid traces in our devices.

Without a doubt, Opera Mini is the ideal option if you are looking for an engine that works at 100% speed all the time. The favorite of millions of users around the world thanks to all the tools it offers.

One of the best things about this application is that it allows users to adapt the version depending on the day or night, so you do not need to hurt your eyes seeing the annoying brightness of the screen in the dark.

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