Among the best tools Microsoft offers is OneNote. With this fabulous application you can have it all in one place, you can save all your notes to customize them as you wish and share the information you want with the other users.

In OneNote you can find what you are looking for, from articles of interest, work notes or even drawings. This application can be defined as a small digital notebook that can not be missing on your favorite mobile device. Get OneNote and discover all the uses you can give to this application

*Organization: If you have never used OneNote before, you should know that the key word to describe it is "Organization". With this simple to use application you can keep all your information divided into topics, sections, subpages or in the way you want to divide your notebook.

*Storage: Another benefit of this application is that you can save your files as PDF or Word. Also, if you need to complement your documents or notes with information from other files, whether Excel, PowerPoint or Word, you can do so.

*Variety: OneNote is not just a simple, ordinary notebook. With this wonderful digital notebook not only keep written notes but also have various options such as adding voice recordings, include images, complement an Internet article, among many things.

OneNote is a quite simple application to manage and it is the best way to organize your agenda, either to make your schedules as to save useful information of your work, studies and even to help your children with school.

Do not miss the opportunity to have it all in one place, take advantage of any idea that comes to your mind and write it down in your personalized notepad. This is a free application that you can have on the device of your choice.

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