Olympus Rising
Olympus Rising

When searching for games in the app stores, usually most of these searches are directed to action games. So this category is always more full of games than any other, but not all lead to massive action as expected.

Combining the rpg view with the action of ancient Greece, Olympus Rising brings us an adventure that mixes both humans and gods in a battle against other gods. Control and direct legendary heroes and face thousands of personalities and creatures belonging to Greek mythology like minotaurs, hydras, among other incredible monsters.

Among the direction of this game you can recruit powerful monsters, build a city on Mount Olympus, form alliances, create defense systems for your city, discover different treasures, among others.

*3D view: despite being a game with the rpg view type in aerial mode, it has a 3D visualization of all the content, both landscape, environment and characters; even when some specific characters must speak, they appear in a big way on the whole screen with good features.

*Free world: when you are going to carry out a mission, you can move along the path of it in free mode. Having the opportunity to decide who you are going to attack and in what way you are going to do it.

*Many enemies: in the missions of history you will always find enemies, from small troops of soldiers to giant cyclopes. Use your army of soldiers and special attacks to defeat them one by one.

As a character you will take full control of a hero who can be carried freely in the game, but at the time of the battle you would have buttons located in the lower left of the screen which allow us to call soldiers to help in battles. In the lower right corner we will have the buttons that activate the hero's special abilities.

While you are not on a mission, you can take care of your city since it is necessary to build different types of buildings that allow from getting many types of resources to recruit soldiers of different types. At the beginning of the game you can only use spear-like soldiers, then give you the opportunity to call higher level troops and archers.

Due to the quality of graphics, a powerful device is required in order to run the game without problems, however, it is possible to get slow at certain times.

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