Office Lens
Office Lens

On many occasions our device is a storage of documents of all kinds, from text documents to multimedia presentations. Files that do not weigh much but that we do not always have the opportunity to pass them to our mobile since we need a computer or something like that.

We do not always take photos of a physical document that we have, it is a good option since we depend on the quality of the camera as well as the environmental / luminous condition of the place where the photograph is taken. For them, a tool that allows us to portray the documents impeccably is indispensable.

Office Lens is that application that every entrepreneur and student needs since it allows us to scan documents and with the help of the filtering system of the application we have a solid image which we can keep in our gallery and of very good quality for the objective that is wants.

*A powerful scanner: not only allows us to scan physical documents either in sheets or other material, it also gives us the option of scanning device screens, classroom whiteboards, among other options. Depending on the origin of the information that we want to scan, it applies certain measurements of light filters and automatic adjustments of the box where the information is located in order to avoid uncomfortable edges in the future image.

*Lightweight and easy to use: the user interface of this application is very minimalist and offers us the most obvious options to make our documents. As well as organizing our creations by folder from the same application. It is a scanner that does not weigh much when it is downloaded and does not represent a burden on the system when it is used.

*Total availability: despite being an application from Microsoft, it is available for multiple platforms including PC.

Because it is a Microsoft application, it has a close relationship with other applications of the same company, which allows us to upload files directly to the OneDrive cloud, configure our Hotmail email or Outlook, among other options.

It is very useful for devices that do not have a camera with good resolution, it has been proven that with phones whose main camera resolution is 2 Mp, good scanner shots are made. Becoming a good alternative to applications with the same purpose of today.

When you are scanning a document or whiteboard, there is a kind of frame with white borders that go from the box where you want to scan to the edge of the screen, in order to focus and establish an appropriate frame for the resulting image.

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