Previously young people much preferred the side scrolling platform games such as Mario Bros, Sonic, Zelda among many others and Oddmar comes to rescue a bit that culture of 2D games which is not seen today much by the games Battle Royale and other modes and types of online games

This game has a very intuitive controls that make the game had better gameplay giving the user the power to change it to how he feels more comfortable and thus be able to pass levels with greater comfort in terms of controls

* Epic Story: The plot of this game is very fun and exciting as it is starring a Viking who has to prove to his village his worth by beating everything that comes his way . 

 * Design: The design of this game is very particular since it was made by hand by its creators, giving it a caricatured perspective being a little more attractive to the public . 

 * Levels: Oddmar is not the typical game that has a story mode an online mode and a free one, no, this has 24 levels divided into 4 worlds which will be unlocked according to progress in the game.

It should be noted that Oddmar has both its free version and pay, where the free ten offers few levels and the pay would be the complete game with a cost of 4.20 euros approximately . 

 You only need to have an Android or IOS device to run this game, which really does not require much to be a side platform, you can also have a good competition with your friends and colleagues to see who can finish the game faster and with the greatest number of found objects

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