Over the years the technology has been hogging everything from cleaning robot, other washing clothes, household appliances already has almost the food list among many other coas, this time we will introduce Nwsty.

 Nwsty is your newspaper or your personal information, since you can take it anywhere with only 30mb of free space on your mobile device. Being a slightly light tool, it facilitates the download and use of many users around the world, offering the latest news, both nationally and internationally.

* Update: Every morning of this virtual newspaper will be updated so you can find out about the latest news and do not stay without knowing why you forgot to buy the newspaper on the street. 

 * Share: You can share the news to all your friends and family with just press the share button and everyone will be aware of what is happening. 

 * Selection of the best news: Nwsty has a selector which will choose the most important news in a range of 10 news not to saturate the device and do not have to read minor news.

Most people ignore the great use of this tool are left behind and have to go every day to buy the morning newspaper or not, even worse wait for the news channel to say what is happening. On the other hand, people who have and use Nwsty will be able to know all this just by entering the app.

 You only need a device that has the technology of Android or IOS and you can find it both in the Play Store and in the AppStore for only 30mb and finally if we are a bit lazy when reading the news, Nwsty offers us a package of an assistant who reads the news by ourselves for a cost of 0.99 euros.

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