Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is a launcher that allows users to customize different aspects of their smart devices, through an elegant and very professional design.

Being one of the most complete of the Play Store, this app has a variety of options that change from the appearance of the icons to the effects of scrolling between screens.

* Notification counter: even when Nova Launcher allows you to change the appearance of the icons of your favorite apps, it will still show you the unread notifications belonging to each one of them.

* Size of the grid: one of the features that most like among users is this option that allows lovers of the organization to have more than 3 columns and rows in the grid. Allowing in this way access to multiple apps on a single screen.

* Effects and animations: Nova Launcher Prime has several animations that you can apply to the home screens or even the application drawer, which will give a much more dynamic and interactive.

* Grouping of apps: for users who prefer to keep isolated certain applications that do not use frequently, or on the contrary that wish to group the most frequent, nova launcher allows them to classify them in folders or tabs for better access.

* Hide applications: this feature allows you to hide all those apps that you want to keep secret, be it your photo gallery or even your text messaging.

* Desktop lock: once you have completed the customization of your device you can block the desktop in order to avoid any changes that are generated by mistake.

Despite the fact that many launchers are available on the Play Store, Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most attractive and complete on the web. For this reason, thousands of users around the world prefer it.

If the organization is your thing, this app will be your ally when it comes to personalizing your Smartphone, since the amount of options it offers will allow you to do it your style and in the simplest way.

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