Norton Family Parental Control
Norton Family Parental Control

Today there are many people who take advantage of the innocence of children and therefore are truly and hundreds of crimes per year, we must know that there are certain web pages that are available to the public or for any user but are really dangerous since by one of them you can track the IP address of the device and find it.

 Norton Family Parental Control is an excellent app of care for your child, grandson and nephews or your wife if you want to protect her, this great app has counting synchronization of your disposition with which you want to take care of yourself and you will be able to place rules to which the other continuous will follow.

* Timetable: You can set up from your device device the time that the other display must be on the day or day, that is, you can place you turn on at 7 in the morning and already at 8 o'clock at night. Block and turns off.

 * Application block: It has a security lock to which you will put the applications you do not want your protected to open, such as, are you want to open the browser or downloads or even to the gallery.

 * Website pages: In addition to also counting the possibility of knowing where they enter and the placement when they navigate the Internet, this great great will give you the addresses and links to which they have just entered and thus to monitor what they do.

On the other hand this is a great tool if your child is constantly spent long time stuck to the phone and for some reason you want to know what you do, you must download Norton Family Parental Control and you can have all the security of the world of what your child does on the web.

 You only need a Android 5.0 disposition (lollipop) or higher that you have enough storage space available to carry this download again and be able to be careful of your family avoiding that no evil will intervene against it.

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